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Company creation in Romania


We are specialized in providing assistance and guidance related to international company formation in Romania, company registration in Romania and related services in Romania. We also assist with the management and administration of international companies, and provide company services that are designed to guide and support the daily business. Our specialized services include asset protection, accounting and audit services, licensing solutions, legal advice and representation, patent and trademark registration and office services. We provide remote company creation services. You only travel when your company is created. We use our experience to proceed with your incorporation quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective and professional manner.

Company registration in Romania


We helped a lot of foreign investors in opening a company in Romania and the registration of a company in Romania. We are experts in company creation in Romania as well as other services like business licences and permits, bank account openings complemented by internet banking , consulting services, administrative services, accounting.

Your benefits to open a company in Romania

Opening an operation in a new market is generally the most costly and time-consuming way to enter it, but the rewards and benefits can be great. There are important legal and financial implications involved in setting up a business. You should take advice from our accountants or business advisers and lawyers.

Here is what we offer:

• Stable economy, politically and financially stable business climate.

• Make greater gains on annual capital and personal and corporate tax reduction.

• High levels of asset protection and tax planning can be achieved.

• Favorable tax environment and low tax benefits.

• Strict confidentiality and privacy laws and protection from lawsuits and creditor claims.

• Lower levels of business risks.

• Investments diversification.

• Real estate planning.

• Your customers will take you more seriously if you have a local base.

• If you use a joint venture, you will be able to share the risk. You will also benefit from your partner's local knowledge and reputation. If you operate alone, all profits from the enterprise remain yours alone.

• A local subsidiary company offers limited liability if things go wrong. It is also easier to expand than a local office. It provides an opportunity to extend your intellectual property rights and registrations into other markets.

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