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Administative services in Romania

We have in-depth knowledge of the various regulatory systems of our jurisdictions and understanding of the requirements of international financial reporting standards, giving our clients peace of mind. Our communication, reporting and technical platforms have been designed to provide up-to-date client information on request so as to meet their individual reporting needs.

We offer administrative services in Romania:

• Incorporation of companies irrespective of its legal

• Establishment of subsidiaries, branches in the country and abroad

• Legal assistance in terms of companies

• Change of registered office, registration certificate

• Taking off a company

• Adding new business activities

• Specific legal acts Foundations and Associations: article of incorporation, decision of the shareholders ...

• Change the company name

• Changing the legal form of a company

• Increase / reduction of the social capital

• Assignment of shares and social parts

• Exclusion and withdrawal associates, shareholders.

• Advice and representation in front of the Trade Register and before other authorities about getting necessary approvals , records and commercial activities etc.

• Appointment, revocation and change of administrator

The secretarial services that we provide will surely guarantee optimal functionality, since our team is highly familiar with daily bureaucratic routine and also with less expected situations occurring when managing a virtual office.

Are you a company representative?

Now you can benefit from our permanent assistance adapted to your needs:

- Assistance and / or representation in front of authorities for obtaining approvals, authorizations, licenses, etc;

- Assistance in company bureaucracy;

- Implementation and customization contracts;

- Drafting documents and applications;

- Assistance in negotiations with suppliers and firm / or clients;

- Staff recruitment;

- Human resources consulting ( Labour Code);

- Drafting documents needed for employment (labour contracts, Internal Regulation Policy, job description, confidentiality agreement, etc.);

- Registration/closing of labour contracts;

- Calculating wages and salary sheet administration and registrations;

We obtain for you the Required Permits and Licenses in Romania.

Romania Business Licenses depending on the type of business you will be interested to conduct there should be a variable number of compulsory Romania business licenses which must be acquired (example : company transport licence, truck licence, criminal record certificate, fiscal record certificate). Our professional team can provide the necessary assistance in this situation .

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